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Welcome to the Hippie Chic website. I am so excited to finally be getting this started. My hobby has been growing steadily for a few years now. This past spring I was finally able to open my art gallery. The “Showcase Gallery” as I like to call it is meant to encompass more than just the paintings. I also create unique one of a kind wearable works of art. I make gemstone jewelry to suit every event, function or just for everyday wear. I also carry clothing and bags which normally can transform into more than one look. I do custom orders on everything, and hope that one day I can make this my full time job. Let’s face it, we all want to do what we love and hopefully make enough to survive doing it. If you are reading this – please help make that dream a reality. As a family project we will be adding to this website all the time so please check back often, and email me with any input or ideas. Thanks to all those who have helped me, are helping me, and will continue to help this never ending weekend project!


Sarah Victoria Dukes is a native of the Southeast Tennessee Mountains. She was born at home in a remote setting. Sarah has a love of the mountains, the rivers, and the nature that surrounds her everyday. A self-taught artist, she derives inspiration for her art from this region. Always a person who loved the outdoors, Sarah is spellbound by the changes of the landscape from daylight to darkness. She incorporates these changes in her art by using a unique “glow in the dark” technique in her paintings. Sarah paints on canvas and recycled wood.

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